First 2,000 Service Professionals will get a free premium account for life!

Act Fast - The First 90%+ of spots are gone!

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We’re a team of entrepreneurs from Toronto, who’ve created a mobile App that enables consumers to better find service professionals through their trusted social circle, by automating word of mouth.

We know that this will significantly help businesses that operate in highly competitive industries to get more & better referred customers. Best of all - we have no intention to sell leads, charge a commission, or dictate your rate. Our idea for RefAura is very different than what is currently available, and we are determined to make it a success story. We are well aware of what it takes to make something like this work, we are devoted and committed.

Please browse around, and if you think this might be beneficial to you, we encourage you to download the free app for your iPhone or Android device. If you know a service professional & contractor who might benefit from it as well, we ask you to share our project with them.

We are giving a “Grandfather” status to the first 2,000 who will register, which means lifetime free premium account and many other benefits once the app is fully operational. No catch, we simply want to get to that number so we could properly test our app on the Greater Toronto market. We don’t require a credit card or any financial information, so if the APP takes off – you win big. If it doesn’t, we will send you a timmies gift card to thank you for believing in our idea and giving it a try

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Alex & Alex