About Us

About Us

About RefAura

There are many platforms that connect service professionals with consumers, but our goal was to create something new and unique.
Our goal is Trust.

We strongly believe that a successful transaction with a service professional is built on trust, and what better way to build it than someone vouching for that individual or company? Who wouldn’t want to know that by dealing with someone you are guaranteed to receive the service and quality of work that you pay for and deserve? Online reviews, ads, and various websites promoting service professionals are great, but can be easily manipulated. Get true review from your friends.

Our Story

Our Story

Alex K recently purchased a fixer upper house in Toronto, had a lot to do around the house. He preferred working with contractors he trust. As a first time home buyer he quickly realized that he didn't know any reputable contractors. He has always been skeptical about on-line reviews, or even worst depending on websites that promote contractors based on how much they spend to appear higher. He began calling his family and friends asking if they can recommend an electrician, carpenter, doors and windows company, etc. Some of his friends did, and some didn’t know anyone either. The process was time consuming, and insufficient. How could he possibly call everyone and keep track of it all at the same time? Coming from the IT world, and having previously worked at a startup, Alex has recognized an opportunity. So he asked his childhood friend, Alex D what he thought of an App that could automate "Word of Mouth", and after a quick explanation Alex D was sold. He was reminded of how he faced the same problem a few years back and could only imagine how much easier life would’ve been had such an option existed.



RefAura’s mission is to automate "Word of Mouth" and enable consumers to better find service professionals through their trusted social circle in all service industries.

We believe that easily finding a reliable accountant, contractor, or mechanic using your trusted mutual contacts is greatly beneficial to both the consumer and the service professional.
In our global world today, we sometimes wish we had the ability to filter through 1000s of online listings and review, and just get one we can Trust. That’s what we use our social circle for naturally, transferable trust. RefAura just wants to make that process more efficient.

Get to know our team

Alexander Kogan

Co-Founder & CTO

Wrote his first code at age 7. Prefers to think outside of the box.

Alexander Daniaev

Co-Founder & VP Marketing

Entrepreneurial spirit and always up for a new challenge.