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We enable consumers to find service professionals through people they know, getting referrals they can trust.

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Why RefAura?

From the very beginning we've decided to make RefAura different, and we are determined to show you what it actually means

  • Free to join and use

    The app is free to download and use. No fees of any kind

  • We don’t sell leads

    It’s your own network put to work

  • Set your own rates

    We have no desire to set & dictate your rates. You know best

  • No commission

    You work hard to earn your money. We think it’s all yours to keep

  • Honesty & Reviews

    Reviews from strangers cannot be authenticated, so they aren’t allowed

  • You are in control

    You decide what is visible to consumers and what is kept private

What RefAura can do for you

Grow your business

Running a small business isn’t easy, and acquiring new customers is always a priority. Use the power of "Word of Mouth" to grow your business.

Get pre qualified referrals

RefAura allows potential customers to find you through their trusted mutual circle. By using RefAura you are putting your network and contacts to work for you.

Live analytics and statistics

See a detailed list of who searched and viewed your profile, called or messaged you. Analyze the data to make changes that will further improve your listing.

Create trust

Consumers are more likely to engage in a business transaction with someone they can trust. RefAura does exactly that by eliminating the need to call around.

Free mini website & e-card

RefAura gives you customizable page, where you can update your profile, upload pictures and testimonies, and display additional information relevant to your business.

Free SEO (Search engine optimization)

Your free e-card will be visible on Google and other search engines, and will automatically appear higher in search results. Rise above your competition at no cost or work on your part.

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