RefAura - Automates Word of Mouth

Enabling you to find service professionals through people you know, getting referrals you can trust.

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How Does It Work?

RefAura helps you find service professionals that your friends know, allowing you to get honest feedback from people you trust

  • Search

    John is looking for a plumber. He doesn't want to spend a lot of time reading reviews online or calling around

  • Find

    John opens RefAura, he can then see a list of plumbers that he has mutual contacts with

  • Trust

    He sees that his good friend, Vicky, knows a plumber, Mike, he calls her up and ask for a real referral

  • Satisfaction

    John can now call Mike the plumber knowing he can trust him.
    It's always best to work with someone that you got by referral

Why RefAura?

Word of Mouth

The best way to get an honest review about a service professional is through someone you already know and trust.

RefAura Magic

RefAura automatically finds service professionals that are connected to you through your mutual contacts.

Get a Better Deal

Unlike other websites, we don’t charge the service professionals commission so they can pass the savings to you.

Honesty & Reviews

RefAura eliminates the need to sift through countless reviews that could be either dishonest or fake.


Have peace of mind and stress free experience. It’s like working with someone you have dealt with before.

Real Results

We display results that are custom tailored to you based on your mutual contacts, not anonymous strangers.

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